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Wawancara Shavo dan John di Kevin & Bean Show

Shavo Odadjian dan John Dolmayan, bassis dan drummer dari System of a Down, melakukan wawancara pertama setelah pengumuman jadwal tour mereka di situs resmi www.systemofadown.com. Mereka berdua hadir dalam acara  Kevin & Bean Show (KROQ Amerika Radio).

Berikut potongan wawancara mereka membahas Tour 2011:

Host: They're back! Ladies and gentlemen, System of a Down with several tour dates, especially on the west coast. We could not be more pleased to welcome John, the drummer and Shavo, who is just entering the studio. So we got a double dose of System here at the show Kevin & Bean.
John: Hi!
Shavo: Hi! Why are you clapping?

Host: We're cheering you on, man. 
Shavo: I just got here.
John: Where's my Burger King?
Shavo: That Burger King guy?

Host: Let's connect all the microphones, please. We have Burger King just after the interview, you’ll have to wait.
John: You know something? You have to suffer sometimes.

Host: Shavo, is everything okay? Can you hear me?
Shavo: I hear you.

Host: Please stop talking to the light and look here. 
Shavo: Oh .. My chair was ... I was like ... what?
John: That's him.

Host: On the camera.
Hi, guys. This is not the professional studio cool than I expected, but welcome to System of a Down to Kevin & Bean show. It is a pleasure to see you. Now is a good time, long ago ... How are things?
John: It is time when? 5 years.

Host: Five years. You have to update us, I mean, I was talking about it a few minutes ago before you came. I was saying that there are some bands that are essential to us, we love and is very important to us when an album is released.And when bands like yours, bands like Rage Agains the Machine, for example, is going though a huge hole in our hearts, man. We can not continue, it is difficult for us.
Shavo: Do not say those things because there is a huge hole in my heart too when we left the scene.
John: There's a song called "Hole in My Heart"?


Host: I think so. So we think back five years ago. The last time you were writing togethet, you had two number one albums, was one of his best years and then suddenly you disappear out of nowhere.

What happened?
Shavo: Eh ... ok ...
John: Good explanation.
Shavo: No, I just want to give some explanation, because many people came with their own interpretations of what happened to us and, you know, what happened to us was that ... dude, we're a band from 1993, 1994, you know, and reached a level that ... took four, five years to sign contracts, signed after our album came out in 1998 and then in 2001 Chop Suey! was released and you helped us to explode on the show from Best Buy, I remember that. So we grew together and became, you know ... Everybody says that couples ... I do not mean couples, but brothers, you know? And sometimes you have to take a step back ...

Host: John, when you were in Scars on Broadway, which is a very successful project, there were times when you thought the System was not going to return? 
John: There was never any time that I thought the System was not coming back. I always knew we'd come back, did not know when it would happen and was not sure he'd still be able to play because we could have 70 years.

Host: Shavo, after all these years you always knew the band would come back? 
Shavo: You know something? Honestly? Yes
Host: That's very interesting. 
Shavo: But what you said before, "two years, fine. Five years, wow, yeah, I agree with you. I think the same. I expected two or three years, five did not expect, but you know what? It may take five, seven can lead ... as long as we got where we are now and we could look at each other and smile, you know. We had a rehearsal last night, there was a time when we were playing the songs that I looked at John and Daron and both looked at me and smiled and was at that moment I felt that same energy we have when we play for 100,000 kids . I felt it in that small room.
John: And then we kiss.


Host: Let's talk about System of a Down 2011. You mentioned that you are practicing, how many shows are already scheduled? I know that dates are being released all the time, but there are a lot of them so far
John: Something like twenty shows.
Shavo: Yeah.

Host: Twenty concerts? It's a big commitment.
John: It's a commitment ... actually, no. We like to commit to 300 shows, me and Shavo.We do not want to stop touring, so we are. Not everyone has that philosophy, so we have to respect what everyone in the band wants to do.

Host: By the way, who will open the shows for you?
Shavo: Who will open for us, man?
John: Gogol Bordello.

Host: Oh, cool! This is another show too crazy.
John: One thing I want to talk about is how amazing it is, after five years standing, the reaction of our fans is really exciting and we feel flattered that people have such passion for our music. It feels great.

Host: It was the best news of all to know that you were coming back and can not wait to see what the next chapter of the System of a Down. 
John, Shavo, thank you for coming. Now you can go ahead and get a Burger King, guys.
Shavo: Follow the @ systemofadown on Twitter and follow us as well, if you want to know something new and what will happen in the future.

Brader and Sister juga dapat mendengarkan secara online wawancara di atas klik di sini : http://kroq.radio.com/2011/03/09/kb-podcast-wednesday-march-9th-shavo-john-from-system-of-a-down-carolla-busey/  Kevin & Bean (KROQ Amerika Radio)

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